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For swift, stinging kills, Deja Vey crafted the “Wild Pixie” combat armor. A lightweight carapace with three variants. For dealing with small groups, sometimes you gotta think like a Bee. The “DEVA” variant codename “Yellow Jacket“ uses electricity to swiftly drop small groups of hostiles. Though against dragons and such the best method would be to turn and run. This variant was soon replaced by “Damselfly“.

#Skyrim #TechMage #Flying

Deja Vey Aulin. Archeological prodigy. Rebellious orphan. Beautiful genius. Weapon. The face behind the flying suit of armor known as the “Dwarven Ergo-Variation Armor“ or “DEVA”. The sole brain behind a revolution in armor even the Psijics claimed impossible. The only living being capable of translating/articulating the tongue of the lost Dwemer people, she has even tapped into some of their “extinct” arts. Though she is so unique, her identity is known to very few. She is an Orphan. Her family was massacred by Falmer when she was a child. The haunting experience changed her entire life, ultimately driving her to design the ultimate suit of Magicka Armor.

#Skyrim #TechMage #Flying #Dwemer

The swift, stealthy permutation for Deja Vey’s Dwemer powered battle suit, is known simply as “Grand Owl”. Using soundproof inhibitors, she swoops silently in to slice her opponents like sharp winds. Though equipped for stealth this suit is heavy, and she only opts to utilize it during difficult incursions. The tribal-esque, beaked mask of this variant has a rotating oculator lens, that scans her surroundings for heartbeats, and magicka.

#Skyrim #TechMage #Flying

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